Announcing book two of The Disc Chronicles…

Blood for Blood

The Disc has never feared war. Until now.

The Principal’s use of a deadly virus is an offense the Open won’t tolerate. Everyone in The Disc will pay for his crimes. That is, unless Caster’s secret rebellion dethrones him before he can unleash a weapon made from lost tech against their enemies.

Wren is that weapon, and she’s determined not to capitulate to the wishes of those who hold her captive, nor to the dark power inside her. If she can’t control it, it will destroy her and everyone she loves.

Survivor only cares about Wren, even as she watches the people of the Open rallying against The Disc. She’ll do anything to get her sister back, including taking on the Marauders who want her and Wren dead. 

Everyone’s out for vengeance, and it might cost the broken world what’s left of its humanity.