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Two sisters, one goal.
Stay alive.

About First Carrier

Centuries after the Fall of Technology, humans have clawed their way back from the apocalypse. Some dwell in communities, others terrorize those communities from the outlands.

Wren and Survivor are neither; they live in the desert, scrounging for food and water, with Survivor dictating Wren’s every action to keep them hidden from marauders seeking revenge on Survivor, and bounty hunters who—for reasons unknown—have sought Wren since childhood. 

When Survivor brutally rips into a man’s flesh to keep them from starving, they’re caught and taken as prisoners to The Disc, a formidable city with a tenuous relationship with the surrounding communities, one that could quickly turn to war.

There, Wren discovers her DNA holds lost technology that could give the ruler of The Disc the power to dominate what’s left of the world. As long as the ruler’s son doesn’t get in the way.

Wren must decide where her loyalty lies, and as Survivor’s dark past catches up with her, she’ll have to keep it from swallowing Wren whole.

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Book two of The Disc Chronicles coming soon. Status below!

The Disc Chronicles, Book Two

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